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Coach, Teaching Assistant

Vidya works as a teaching assistant in the Acton-Boxborough School district. She started in 2014 at Blanchard Elementary working in grades1 through 6. What started as a “mom’s hours” job quickly transformed into something that she wanted to do full-time. She found it extremely gratifying working in the special-education department. Currently she works at RJ Grey Junior High. She loves working in the language learning program in the special-education department. She is passionate about working with the students and helping them achieve their goals. There are enough stressors out in the world, and accessing education/learning should not be stressful to children and their caregivers. She believes with a little bit of modification, scaffolding and a huge dollop of patience anything is achievable! 
Vidya loves working out and strongly agrees exercise is important for physical, mental and emotional well-being of all bodies.  She has been looking for an adaptive movement center for her daughter, Ramya, where she can be comfortable, safe and most importantly have fun! Lucille and AFM are her answers to her prayers. AFM has brought an enjoyable regimen in Ramya’s life. Ramya’s infectious joy has been her main inspiration to join the AFM team as a coach. Looking forward to enjoying the positive vibes each athlete brings to the class!


Mumbai University , India

BS in Microbiology

Diploma in Medical Lab Technology

MS in Early childhood Education

DeAnza College, California

 Associate Degree, Early Childhood Education

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